June 11, 2007

My website is finally up!

Alright! I just finished the first version of my online portfolio. This is just the one I did in school and only in a short period of time that is, and it's mostly school stuff. You can expect a more kick ass web page later in life, like... when I get time to live again, after months of working at my new job! Which I can't wait to start! So have a look! The link is at the bottom of the list there... but here's the address...


Check it out and gimme all the feedback you want, I'd love it!

June 07, 2007

More lemurs!

Meet Bob and MJ... Those are the 2 characters for that Flash short I keep talking about. Finally got good frames to show you the designs. Hopefully at one point I'll be ready to post the whole short on here...