June 13, 2012

10 x 10 Series #3

This Art House Co-op project was called "The Map Project". The idea was to create a handdrawn map of one's world, or of anything one wanted, really. All the submissions will be exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, New York. My map just throws in a little bit of everything I think about when I have to consider what my life is / was / will be.

June 04, 2012

10 x 10 Series #2

This Art House Co-op mini project was called "The Mystery Project". Earlier in the 10 x 10 series, they had "The Jar Project", which I thought was a really neat idea, but unfortunately I didn't get to participate at the time. I used the same idea for this project instead. I was sent a theme card and a crimson red Prismacolor marker. I had been gardening and thought that seeds growing year after year into beautiful flowers were a good match for "The Future of the Year" theme. I placed the seeds in a straw, wrote up the information about the project and arranged everything in the jar, then hid it at a local flower market for someone to find.