December 18, 2006

A bit of life drawing...

Here's some of my latest life drawings. I love life drawing and I sure wish we had more time for it. I still have room for improvement and I'm looking forward to the next portfolio stuff. Hopefully it'll keep getting better!

December 14, 2006

Finally done!

Alright! After many hours, here are the final paintings of that layout. I like the night scene a lot. I wish I had the witch character in it to see what it would look like...

November 27, 2006

The Plourdes

This is my best creation of the summer... actually, one of the rare drawings I did. Tried to get a cartoon character of my sisters and I representing our status during summer of 06.

So... on the left is the oldest, Larissa, who studied to be an animal health technician. Dunno if that's a good translation for it... Anyways, so she's now working in almost a secret lab farm in Montreal where they make bullet proof vests with goat milk. I know! Friggin cool! She takes care of the babies cause they're not allowed to drink the milk from their moms.

On the right side is little Tina, who is currently studying to be a massage therapist. I'm lucky cause she practices on me for free! Life is good... She's all cute cause she's got to wear a nurse kind of outfit... The guys here know her as "the boob masseuse", I made the mistake one day to mention that she would learn specific breast massage in her third year.

And that tall thing in the middle... that's me! Animation student in desperate need of hand drawing skills (noticed how I generally hide the hands). That was also when I had gazillion braids on my head! I miss those...

Funny fact I noticed: We have completely different fields of studies, but we all studied animal and human anatomy. Yup!

En passant, Cacou mes sweet petites soeurs! Love ya!

November 24, 2006

First try...

This is a layout that Rick Knowles drew and we have to paint it for our background painting class. That's the first version I painted really quickly right over the photocopy of the layout to choose my colors and light source.

November 23, 2006

Ink on skin... me loves it!

I think that's where I like drawing the most... See, I hate just sittin' there listening to people talk, so I make time go faster by kinda tattooing my hand. Next step... full body! That pic was taken the first time I did it, under the influence of a certain fluid. Too much of it.

November 20, 2006

I miss sculpting!

Isn't he kinda cute? Creepy but cute... That's the kinda guy I'm looking for to share my life... Just kiddin'.

November 18, 2006

My lil drunk Gibou

Alright, I know this is old... but it's still a good painting! I just had to put it on here...

November 16, 2006

Chalk is friggin fun!

Here's a chalk drawing we did on a black board at Boston Pizza here in the beautiful Miramichi! hum... anyway. We is Tyler Noiles, Andrew Davenport, Kyle Casey and me. I know, too many guys... I'm working on growing a penis so I can fit in... hehe. I did the hockey player.

November 08, 2006

I finally did it!

Hey People! Welcome to my lil crazy world! I was suppose to get a blog a long time ago, but I got a bit lazy... Here it is! I'll try to post stuff as often as I can, feel free to comment on anything, I loves da feedback...

So here's a sketch of a mural I'm painting right now here at the college. I had to change it a bit cuz it was a bit too short in length. To give ya an idea of the real size, it's a Cindy high by almost 6 Cindy-arm-span wide...