November 27, 2006

The Plourdes

This is my best creation of the summer... actually, one of the rare drawings I did. Tried to get a cartoon character of my sisters and I representing our status during summer of 06.

So... on the left is the oldest, Larissa, who studied to be an animal health technician. Dunno if that's a good translation for it... Anyways, so she's now working in almost a secret lab farm in Montreal where they make bullet proof vests with goat milk. I know! Friggin cool! She takes care of the babies cause they're not allowed to drink the milk from their moms.

On the right side is little Tina, who is currently studying to be a massage therapist. I'm lucky cause she practices on me for free! Life is good... She's all cute cause she's got to wear a nurse kind of outfit... The guys here know her as "the boob masseuse", I made the mistake one day to mention that she would learn specific breast massage in her third year.

And that tall thing in the middle... that's me! Animation student in desperate need of hand drawing skills (noticed how I generally hide the hands). That was also when I had gazillion braids on my head! I miss those...

Funny fact I noticed: We have completely different fields of studies, but we all studied animal and human anatomy. Yup!

En passant, Cacou mes sweet petites soeurs! Love ya!


Ryan Cole said...

Bullet proof vests with goat milk?

That...I don't...


CarolineJarvis said...

Shit..... it just occurred to me that I didn't respond to your email..... I do love your style.... keep up the great work! Nice ladies!

Gene Fowler said...

funn stuff!