April 24, 2011

Art of Survival

Original piece: Paper Cut Out and Oil Pastels.
Size : 8" x 10". Frame 14" x 17"

This is a piece I contributed to "The Art of Survival" fundraiser organized by two great gentlemen I used to work with. They are raising money for their Relay for Life team, for the cancer fight. If you want to help, all the artwork they have will be auctioned off in May.You can find all the information on their website: www.artofsurvival.ca, their blog or on Facebook.

I wanted to try something  a bit different, and I think it turned out not too bad. The second picture shows a bit more how the outline is superimposed on the colored background. The shadows gives it a nice effect. 

Update: My piece was sold! Thanks to whoever bought it!


DAVID HAAS said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

Mahmood Saleem said...

Its amazing